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👋 Welcome to Austin Creative Fiction Writers Group

We are a writing critique group based in Austin.

We meet up every other Wednesday night and spend about two hours critiquing each others' fictional short stories and novels.

Each meeting, we review up to three pieces of fiction, approximately 5,000 words each submitted roughly five days before the meetings.


✍️ How do I join?

Visit our page to see if there's currently room in the group or if there will be soon.

✍️ Do I have to give critiques on my first meeting?

If you feel more comfortable observing on your first meeting, that's ok with us.

✍️ I've never critiqued other writers' work before and I'm probably not very good at it.

We believe critiquing is as important a part of our group as the writing. If you come into the group, you'll get better at it. We find virtually everybody has important things to say that shine new light on a writer's understanding of their work.

✍️ What kind of critiques am I expected to give?

We follow the Milford Style of workshopping and recommend reviewing this so you know what to expect.

✍️ What if I don't like your critiques?

You get a refund on the $0 you paid us.

✍️ I'm writing fantasy / romance / sci-fi / Inspector Gadget fan fiction, can I submit?

As long as it's fiction, go for it. We don't claim to be genre experts though*.

*Except in Inspector Gadget fan fiction

✍️ I'm a complete beginner. Can I still join?

We welcome all skill levels. We love absolute beginners (both you and the song).

✍️ Will you fix my grammer?


✍️ But seriously, my grammar sucks. I didn't even notice that grammar was misspelled in the previous question.

A typo here and there is fine but your submission should be readable. Excessive errors will detract from the story. If you really struggle with grammar, try using one of the many free tools online to help with the basics.

✍️ Why only 5,000 words? I'm writing a 540,000 word sequel to Infinite Jest.

5,000 words is short enough to read in one sitting.

✍️ What if I want to submit something in the middle of my novel?

That's fine. We'd appreciate a short summary of what's happened up to that point to give us the relevant context needed to critique.

✍️ I have questions about the group. How can I get answers?

Visit our page. You'll find a place there to do that and we want to hear your questions.